The Print Shack's Embroidery Service Uses State of the Art Machinery and Are Perfect for Workwear, Sportswear and Adding Long Lasting Logos to Any Garment.

Experts in embroidery, based in Aylesbury and serving everywhere in the UK including London and beyond. Take advantage of The Print Shack's great prices and superb customer service.


How Does It Work?


Your logo/design is converted to stitch data and embroidered onto your chosen garments. Simple!...


Embroidery is a great option if you want a logo that lasts!


Embroidery prices are per position and based on the number of stitches in your logo.  Most small logos are under 10,000 stitches (or 10k).  Larger logos like club badges or crests are 20k or 30k and large back logos and text can range from 20k - 40k and over.  Please contact us with your logo for a full and comprehensive quote.

IMG_20170123_172436 The Print Shack embroidery logo IMG_20170301_190210 IMG_20180222_145224